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Join us on this journey and spread revival.

On behalf of Healing Rooms Ministries and myself, we welcome you to consider being part of the Healing Rooms School of Transformation Online.
Our vision is to see a movement birthed; to transform cities while eradicating the works of the enemy and usher in the great end-time harvest. We can do this by becoming the fulfillment of God’s will on earth, which is the mandate that lies at the center of every saint’s destiny.

Curriculum includes...

The Kingdom of God
Rightly Relating
Rightly Handling the Word
Seven Mountain Mandate

Our desire is to equip our students for the work of the ministry in every sphere of life and become proficient in the supernatural realms of God. We believe signs and wonders should be the norm in a Christian’s life, not an exception. Whether you are a business person, teacher, electrician or stay-at-home parent, you play a vital role in cooperating with Heaven to see His Kingdom come and will be done. Join us on this journey and spread revival.

- Cal Pierce, Director

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